Good Places To Smoke Weed Without Getting Caught

Smoking weed is still at some places considered as a crime and the law does not care if you just were sitting in the park and smoking your joint without intention to sell weed. Some states have more loose regulation for cannabis so you can smoke almost anywhere, as long as you don’t bother anyone.We have prepared a short guide with the best places to smoke weed without getting caught. The location where you live can vary so the guide cannot be applied anywhere, however, you will be able to find one of the solutions useful.

Remote Area

Regardless to your location of living, you can always find a remote area that is isolated. A nearby mountain, for example, is an excellent place to smoke weed for many reasons. You can be sure almost 99% that you will not bump into anyone if you walk a few yards in a forest. The nearby hills always provide with an inspiring view, landscaping as well as fresh air that makes your high even more smooth. One of the best places to smoke is the top of the nearby mountain, under the condition that you can reach it by car as no one likes to walk stoned.

The Nearest Lake

This is a win-win situation; the beautiful landscape will enhance you, no one will disturb you so can feel free and forget about the law officers that could bother you. Cops usually don’t go for a patrol near the lakes that are not commercialized so you can smoke weed discreetly. If it happens that you go there during the summer, the overall experience will be much better as you will swim in the lake, light up one and enjoy without getting caught.

The Top Of Building

This is oriented more towards the smokers in towns. The top of a building is a great place to chill and spend hours of watching the surroundings. No one will be able to smell your pot; cops will not bother you as long as you don’t make a mess up there and make some call them. A few sunchairs, and you can enjoy with your friends all day up there.

The Local Boardwalk

The boardwalk can be a great place to chill as long as you keep it cool and take basic precautions. It may depend on the time you choose to chill but late night is an excellent time for chilling as few people pass by. It is possible to smoke during the day but be cool and not too noticeable. However, have in mind that you are near water, which means you can get rid of your weed in the worst case scenario.






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