How Do You Know If Someone Is A Pothead?

Stoners are always on the hunt for like-minded people since they can share their smoke with other stoners while exchanging different thoughts and opinions. But how can you spot someone who smokes weed? Well, there are a couple of tips that could point to stoner, almost every time. Experienced smokers already know this probably but for the sake of the story, let’s find out how to tell if someone is a pothead.

The Stoner Eyes Syndrome

This is one of the best ways to find out if someone is a heavy chiefer. Of course, if they have the redness, this is 100% that they smoke pot. However, when you look at people, try to see if they have those lazy stoner eyes and low eyelids. This is almost always truth and a good point for estimating a stoner. Tese never lie.

Check If They Have A Lighter

People who do not smoke cigarettes but do have a lighter, are potential stoners. Of course, this can be wrong because some people smoke a cigarette or two per day so do not mistake these guys for stoners. If a man who gives you a lighter does not have that recognized tobacco smell, then you are dealing with the stoner.

Check If They Smell Like Weed

People who smoke a lot have to smell like weed! The skunk the have smoked is difficult to clean from the clothes, at least for the first few hours, so it is a definitely a sign that you are looking at the stoner. Just don’t be an idiot that will shout: “Hey you smell like weed, do you have any to sell me?” No one likes that, so be smart and play it cool and you will find a smoke buddy easily.

A Classic 420 Syndrome

If, in any contest, you hear the importance of the number 420, you are dealing with a stoner who understands the cannabis culture. Also, in case you are working at the same place with a guy who always disappears at 4:20 PM and gets back relaxed after a few minutes, we are talking about a pothead. Not to mention any stickers, shirts with prints or logos that contain 420 time. You can also try to give a hint, using 420 as it is a code for the smoke session. You will know for sure whether you are dealing with cannabis lover if they, in any case, mention this magic number.

They Are Always Hungry And Thirsty

Stoners, especially those that smoke a lot, tend to eat all the time, as they get extreme munchies. When you are the club, you can easily see chiefers – they always have a bag of chips or some cookies with them. Also, you will see stoners drink alcohol very rarely as the majority of them do not like alcohol at all. They prefer smoothies, juices, soda drinks and a lot of food. You can’t miss a pothead with this last fact that is always true.




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