How To Conserve Weed And Get Really High?

Conserving weed is one of those topics that can get old as we always have a piece of technology that changes the way of using your weed carefully. You could ask: how to conserve weed and get really high? Well, it is simple if you follow our few tips that we prepared for this article. Keep reading to find out – it is a simple set of tips that will save you a lot of weed and you will still get high.

Do not use joints

Joints are the most used way of smoking and many people consider them to be the best way as you can get really high. Still, every swirl of smoke that goes into the sky is lost. Instead in your lungs, the smoke goes away. They really waste your weed, every moment your lips are not around the tip. In case you are one of those people that smokes joints only, try avoiding lighting up in high winds, use regular size papers and use little tips for the joints.

A 4 piece Weed Grinder Is A Must

As you don’t want to lose any of your weed, consider using a 4 piece grinder that will collect all the kief from the buds you grind. The kief is the ultimate part of weed and it is very hard to find, so why not collect your own an have a life-saver stash for the days when you run out of weed. Not to mention that kief is much more potent than regular buds.

One Hit Method

If you are closing to the end of your stash and you want to conserve weed and still get high, pack one-hitters when you go somewhere. A pipe or any other smoking device will be a great choice when you don’t have a lot of weed. The metal one-hitters are almost indestructible so you can use them for a long time, preserve your weed and get really high.

Grind Your Weed

The size of bud you want to smoke is not important but rather its density. When you crush the bud with your fingers, the pieces are usually rough and bigger. Compare how many joints you can roll with .5 grams when you use a grinder and when you use your fingers. Of course, we are talking about the days of conservation, not the days when you put 2 grams in a bowl. Grinders are an excellent way to get high while you conserve your weed.

Find The Right Strain

Before you start smoking, we recommend you to find the right strain for you. Decide what you want; a powerful couchlock strain that puts you to sleep after few hits, or sativa that gives you focus and concentration during the work. The best way is to have both, so you can combine and conserve your weed.

Start Drinking Coffee

If you are low on weed, start drinking coffee as it will make you fell even higher due to caffeine that is in coffee. You can smoke less weed while you drink coffee and you will feel the more intense high.  This is one of the best weed conservation techniques and almost all stoners drink coffee.

Use Bowl

Bowls are not so convenient to carry around but you will smoke less weed and get high much more. Joints, as we said, waste a lot of weed and that is definitely something you want. Pack just enough weed for a good hit and move on.

Vapor Your Weed

Weed Vaporizers represent the best way to save weed while you are on the budget. The high may be a bit different from what you are used to, but vape pens are efficient so much that you will start using them after some time. Very convenient and weed-saving devices.

Use Gravity Bongs

You have probably not used gravity bongs since the college days, but it is a very efficient way to smoke while you are on the budget. You don’t need that much weed to get super high. Not to mention they are super easy to make and use.


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