How To Make Your High More Intense?

The real stoners are always on the quest for prolonging the high feeling which is the ultimate feeling that we get from cannabis. The studies have shown various results but actually, no one confirmed the speculations and rumors. Many people reported different methods on getting their high more intense.

As someone who has been sticking around the cannabis for more than 25 years, we want to share our experience of making your high more intense. Note that some of these do not work for some people as we are all different. However, try out all of these to find which one works best for you.

Smoke Early In The Morning

Depending on your work, you can start your day with a morning spliff and make your high intense. Not that you will be high all day, but the next hit or joint will get you so high that you will need to take a sit. The first spliff in the morning is the strongest one in terms of feeling high. Therefore, in case you work on a job where your head must be clear and not hazy, do not roll one in the morning!

Drink Coffee And Smoke

Coffee is known for that feeling of waking when you drink it, especially in the morning when you wake up and it is a rainy day. Take a hit from the bong, exhale, then take a good sip of coffee and do the same process few times. Do not hurry, but rather take your time and enjoy the morning or day. The high will be stronger in the first 10 minutes and it will last much longer. The stronger the coffee, the more intense high you will experience.

Eat Mango

This is an old myth that was confirmed by many stoners and no one has ever denied the fact that mango gets you higher. But why, you are asking now? Mycrene terpenes within the mango fruit are combined with the same substance as the bud you smoke which results in stronger and longer high. Some people have not confirmed stronger high but rather longer-lasting effect.

Tea Time With Bud Time

Tea is a great natural antioxidant that relaxes you, improves overall mood and has many other health benefits that makes tea as a very healthy and valuable drink. Combining tea and THC results in high boost that you will immediately upon drinking tea. Don’t expect your high to last much longer but expect a powerful high that will make you start drinking tea every day.

Spark Another L

This is an old and proven solution: spark another one as soon as you are finished with the bowl. Take a couple of good hits from pipe or any accessory you use and then roll a fat joint and smoke it. This will definitely make you so high that you will forget what you wanted to do in the first place.If any of these do not work for you, try taking a break from smoking. Or grow some powerful genetics that you have not tried yet!




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