How To Send Weed In The Mail And Not Get Caught?

These days you can receive your weed via mail, especially if you are a medical user and you need it for treatment. Some states decided to give a full support to medical users and law is friendly towards the patients. Still, many states do not approve cannabis and any transport related to this plant so people need to make their own way of sending it and camouflaging it. If you wonder how to ship weed through the mail keep reading our article and find out what to do to avoid getting caught.

Send smaller amounts

You can send weed through mail in the states that are legalized cannabis recreational use. Although is technically not legal, you will not have any problems as long as you ship smaller amounts. The smaller amounts are tolerated and the worst thing that could happen to you is to lose your weed as the law officers will confiscate it. Still, this can vary greatly upon the shipping method you use. Some of them are better in terms for cannabis transportation while other ones should be avoided.

Federal Courier Service and Fedex can open any package at any time if they have a suspicion regarding a package and there is nothing that could stop them. The US Postal Service, for example, requires a warrant from the authorities for the opening of a package. No one wants to make a fuss because of a small amount of weed. Have in mind that the law enforcement will tolerate no more than an ounce (28 grams) so stick to that amount.

Triple Seal Your Package

As you know, cannabis has a strong and pungent scent that is sometimes hard to cover. Luckily, there is a great solution to this issue – buy few zip/vacuum bags and put your stuff inside one bag, then put the bag with stuff in the second bag and then place everything in a third vacuum sealed bag. You want to ensure that the smell stays trapped inside the first, eventually inside the second bag.

This should not be a problem since you can order these bags online or buy them in well-equipped stores. Law enforcement searches for big-time drug dealers so they will not use dogs for inspecting smaller packages. Although dogs could smell the weed even when it is triple-vacuum-sealed, you have the advantage because you are sending a smaller package which is not noticeable.

Place Decoy To Mask The Weed

Whether you are sending buds or seeds, you will need a decoy to make a distraction. There are so many ways for this and you just need to be creative, yet pragmatic and real. Do not include in your package anything that could be related to cannabis since you want to stay incognito. An old LP collection could be a great thing to use since it is pretty big and leaves a lot of room for creativity. We will leave that up to you.





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