What Happens If Fedex Finds Drugs In A Package?

Sending the drugs through email is nothing new, since it has been happening since the drugs become widely acceptable. Every day, there thousands of packages that contain weed, as more and more people started with the medical treatment, or recreational use, due to better status of this plant. Still, as it is illegal, cannabis could cause a lot of problems to you in case someone sends you a shipment with drugs.If Fedex does not recognize the drug package, you are good to go and no one will ever know you received any drugs. However, things become a bit different when the cops catch you mail with drugs.


How Do They Catch The Drug Shipments?

A lot of people do not know that dog has 150x stronger smell, so there is almost no possible way for you to hide the drugs when the dogs are around. The Fedex has employed a team of people who is in charge for watching out on suspicious mails, that are addressed to known drug houses, or to a part of town where the drug can be found in abundance.Once the officers recognize the address or feel something different, they will put the aside the suspicious package and inspect it. The dogs sniff firstly and then the officer starts a manual investigation in case they have a reason to investigate.

What Could Happen To You If You Get Caught?

The consequences can be different which means you can get away with just a fine, to getting  several years in the state prison. In case you are mailing the drugs to your friend or a customer, two things can happen. The first thing is that the package will go through without any problems and everything is cool. However, this is only possible with small amounts (up to 15 grams), as the bigger amounts need more space and thus destroy the incognito shipment. It is almost impossible to send more than 10 grams through the mail.


The second thing that could happen is that you get caught. Now, depending on the amount, the law officer, as well as the state’s law, you can get away with a simple warning and confiscation, or you can end up in jail for drug trafficking. It is hard to say what will happen to you exactly since many factors influence the overall result. Still, if you are attempting to ship weed through Fedex, try to send small amounts as they will probably pass through without notifying.

Deny Any Knowledge About The Drug Package

In case you receiving weed, it is simple. Just deny that you ordered any weed and that you have any knowledge about the shipment. It is extremely hard to prove for law officers that you had anything to do with the shipment that is on your address.However, the possibility of getting caught is still high and it is not worth it. If you want to give a free weed to your friend, drive away to his place and give him. The mail can be a great way to send your weed within your state, however, sending it to other states is not a smart choice at all.


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