What To Do With Seeded Bud?

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Harvesting weed is great since you will enjoy the buds you have grown for your personal use and there is no better feeling. Except, having kids of course. However, the biggest disappointment is when a male plant pollinates your female plants and leaves you with tons of seeds that you don’t want. Not only you get seeds, but also poor quality weed, as the potency goes into reproduction, that is seeds. There is no point to ask: Are seeds in weed good or bad? They are bad and you don’t want them in your flowers that you plan to smoke. So what can you do with seeded buds?

Separate The Seeds From Buds

Of course, you can still smoke your buds even if they have seeds, but you should avoid any seeds in your doobie as they literally “explode” within the joint and smell so bad that you want to put out your joint. When you separate seeds, you can smoke buds and you will get high. Still, that high is not anywhere near the high you get when you smoke seedless buds.


All the seeds you separated can be saved for the next outdoor season. This way you have a safe stash of cannabis seeds ready for the germination. A one might say that you don’t need seeds from the seeded buds. On the contrary, it does not have to mean necessarily that the genetics of seeded buds is bad; it can be a strong Brazilian landrace, which does not grow in the “controlled environment” where you can prevent the process of pollination.

Make A Hash

If you ended up with a lot of buds that contain seeds, you may want to make hash. The process of making hash is not hard and not dangerous if you take simple fire precautions, as you will work with alcohol that needs to be cooked easily and slowly. Of course, the quality of hash is not going to be as same as it would be if you were used sensi buds. However, it will get you high, that is for sure, but do not expect something extraordinary. A smooth and mellow buzz that will not last more than one and a half an hour is probably what you will get when you make hash with seeded bud.

In case you are not experienced with making hash, you can utilize the easiest method for making hash with coffee filters. It is quick, useful and does not require any special equipment for the process as it can be done in your house, using coffee filters, a bag and alcohol. We will write about one of hash making methods in some of our upcoming posts.

Make Cannabis Seed Oil

Cannabis seeds can be used for making seed oil, which can replace the oil use in your everyday life. It is much healthier than olive’s oil, it has better taste and can last basically forever. This oil is not psychoactive as it does not contain any CBD or THC compounds and has no sedating effects on your brain so it is safe even for children to use it.

Give The Seeds To The Animals


Separate the seeds and give them to the animals. All kinds of birds will fight to get it as it is healthy and full of nutrients important to birds. Parrots simply adore cannabis seeds so you should think of that. Find a nearby animal shelter that has birds, and provide them with a stack of seeds. You can still smoke or vape your buds and make a good thing in your life.



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